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CasinoMax slotsYou may think of slot games as just your usual run of the mill casino game, but it’s not the case. There are different types of slot machine games and becoming familiar with them is beneficial to the player. The three usual kinds of slot games are the ‘Flat Top’ (basic), Progressive and Video Slots. Although video slot games can easily fit in to the first two types.

There is an assortment of multi-payline and multi-reel ones too. Read on to learn all about CasinoMax’s online slot machine’s.

Flat Top (straight or basic slots)

Even though they are sometimes known as basic slots, you will find there are several different kinds of basic type slot games. How it’s put into this category is that if a slot machine game has a continuous top jackpot which stays the same when cash is played, it will then be classed as basic. Usually the basic slots have a lesser grade and tend to give out lower, although more recurring wins. These basic kind of slots are just right for the player who has less to spend but likes to play for longer.

There may be numerous paylines and reels obtainable with the basic slot machine games. For instance, slots have one payline which goes across the middle of the three reels. When you insert an extra payline you then have to look at the symbols over or under the middle payline as this could perhaps be a winning line also.

Let’s say that you haven’t won on a usual payline, yet the symbols over the usual payline are 3 sevens, you are still in with a chance. The greater part of numerous payline slot machines set off each payline for every coin you pay in the machine. By playing for the most coins you can, will make sure all your paylines stay protected.

Progressive Slots:

The progressive slots are not the same as the basic slots. The total of the jackpot on progressive slots becomes higher, depending on how much cash is used to play. Very similar to the lotto because the greater amount of players the higher the jackpot becomes, until there is a winner. The jackpots on progressive slots usually show the full completed jackpot number in big numbers towards the upper part of the slot screen.

As you watch, the number normally rises. This is because there are players in other places that are chipping in as the jackpot continues to get bigger. As soon as someone wins the jackpot then it will be put back to the starting point again. Then the process will start all over again, continuing to rise until another player hits the jackpot. The most coins will be needed to play on a progressive jackpot slot in order to play for the bigger payout.

It is far better to keep an eye on the pay table associated with the slot machine you’re playing on. If any promising wins start to rise noticeably while playing with 1 -3 coins, then you should take advantage of this and play using a higher amount of coins.



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The Phrases Used in Slot Games:

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As with lots of other games at the Casino, the slot game has its own phrases to use. It’s in a players best interest to learn these phrases to understand the game better. Some choice of words fit in more with casinos that are situated on land, whilst there are others that are meant just for online slots. Read on to discover the usual choice of words and what they stand for.

RNG: This stands for Random Number Generator. It is part of a software that is normally placed on a computer chip by the maker within the slot machine. To speak in an online term of phrase, it means that the Random Number Generator is a part of software that is placed on the gaming server. The intention of them both is the same, meaning it has choose at random lots of numbers and symbols constantly. This is done much quicker than you can flick a switch! The RNG is still at work, no matter whether the machine is in use or resting. Every number placed at random, links to a certain reel and combination. One that is picked by chance once the initial coin or credit has been played. Of course, the lesser programmed combos are for the topmost jackpot. CasinoMax thoroughly checks the Random Number Generator to make sure it provides the fairest play.

Reels: This is the amount of reels, or wheels, that you see on a slot with symbols and combos stamped. With classic slot machines this is three, although several slot games contain five.

Slot Schedule: This is known as the slot payout schedule too. It contains the figures that are located on the face of the slot machine. This lets you know which category and winning totals are probable for that particular slot. Players are reminded to continually keep a check on these relating to the type of slot you are playing on.

Slot Cycle: The usual payoff percent value is relevant over a long period of time, as much as in a financial year period. So over a time, a slot that is publicized as holding a 98% payoff value will at times pay off at the rate of 130%, and also at 50%. The lesser percent will mean a down cycle, whereas the greater the numbers will mean an up cycle. Though to be realistic there will be no steadiness to any one cycle, because the jackpot could in theory be hit during the following spin.

Slots Drop and Hold: A slots drop is the quantity of cash that are being played on the slot machine. A slots hold is the quantity of cash that the machine holds back (money that wont be included in the winning payouts). The paying out percent of the slot machine is added up through splitting the hold number against the drop number, then multiplying by 100%. For instance, a slot which takes in $100 then pays out $50 could be that its paying out percentage is estimated as – 50 / 100 x 100% equalling to 50%.

Slot Testing: This means to play using a fixed amount of coins while not having to utilize your unspent credits. It also means that you make a note of the drop and hold, by detecting your payout percent on a particular slot.

Slot-mix / Slot Placement: Many times players say that casinos will put their greatest paying slot machines closer to places inside the casino that have high visibility. The aim being that any players winning will be noticed by other players within the casino. This could not be further than the truth and has been verified from the Wizard of Odds.

Short Win: This occurs regularly and means that you haven’t spent much money yet you have won big.

If you come to any phrases or terms that you don’t understand, you can get in touch with the friendly and helpful staff at CasinoMax.

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Many players around the globe have knowledge in advance of how slots work and love the captivation of slot games. Bringing with them a thrilling experience for any player. There are lots of online casino slot games on offer with continuous enjoyment to be had, all there for you to grab with both hands. What makes players love slots so much when they are so easy to play? Well this is because slots can capture your attention and are so entertaining that it wouldn’t be hard to imagine your in the land of Las Vegas! Every type of player can benefit from playing slots, whether it’s your first time or you’re a dab hand at it. There is always a type of game with a certain theme attached, that is bound to attract.

Whether you want to play for real money or try the free slots first, CasinoMax are happy and proud to bring you a fantastic choice of online slot games. With over 20 basic and progressive slot games to view and pick from, there will be plenty on offer to keep you amused for hours.

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All you need to do is just click on the slots image to start playing. You will find this situated on top of the page. The installation will take place when you’re downloading. The free software will be installed on your device. Following this you will be able to play any of the online games for free, for any length of time. Alternatively, you can opt to become a real player by opening a casino account. You will then go on to play and win for real money!

There is a help button placed under every slot game and you can click on this should you need to know more about the game you’re playing. If there are further questions you need answering, then you should send an email to the Casino, ask the 24/7 help team or phone the toll-free number. The staff will endeavour to answer your queries as promptly as possible.


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